Bandoneon AA (Alfred Arnold) 142 tone, full MOP decoration, rosewood veneer, AA production number #29152, made in 1929, zinc reedplates, alternating tone (bisonoric), argentine (rhenish) system, tuned and restored in the workshop of Christoph Paas, Cologne (Alma Bandoneon), the very good bellows was already replaced in Argentina in the 1980’s, made by Jorge Weckesser, the original buttons with mother-of-pearl inlay are very well preserved, the original leather valves are still so good that they could stay, new leather on the keys (decks) and the air key, cleaned and restored action, retuned with file to a’ = 442 Hz, the housing has been carefully refinished with shellac, it has a very nice and exceptional sound, a very well restored historic AA bandoneon with a special history, it was overhauled in 1987 in the workshop of Romualdi & Fabiani in Buenos Aires, then it was taken on a European tour by the then owner Amilcar Tolosa, the double bass player of the orchestra Osvaldo Pugliese (later also with Color Tango) and sold in Finland, there it remained unplayed for many years and then came to me in  2022, there is even the purchase document from Finland at that time with it, also the bandoneon cloth with the embroidery of the initials of Amilcar Tolosa is still with it, it comes with a new bag.

It also comes with a DVD with lots of sheet music and instructional books for the bandoneon.

Two years warranty on all restoration work! If necessary, free finetuning within one year!

The price is a net price plus currently 19% VAT for a sale within the EU! In case of a sale to a country outside the EU, the net price is the selling price!

6.750 €
Dekor: full MOP rosewood
Baujahr: 1929
Referenznummer: AA29152