Alfred Arnold – Doble A – bandoneon, 142 tone, argentinian (rheinisch) system, bisonoric, Palisander-veneer, brown (marron), zinc-reedplates, very good reeds, AA-production-number #100120, built ca. 1931/1932 because of the number, complete and carefull overhauled with new bellows, new buttons (with mother of pearls inlays), new leather lamelas, new leather parts everywhere, new springs, new handstraps and new tuning 442 Hz, comes with a new bag and many scores and tutors on a DVD.

A great bandoneon, very good restored, with a strong but also warm sound – suitable for the stage!

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6.500 €
Dekor: marron liso
Baujahr: 1931/1932
Referenznummer: AA100120