Beautiful and well retsored Alfred Arnold bandoneon, 142 tone, Palisander-wood without decoration (liso). AA-production-number #29026 built 1929, zinc-reed-plates, bisonoric, argentinian system (rheinisch), new bellows Rial Argentina, new buttons with mother-of-pearls inlays, new hand-straps, new tuned 442 Hz octave-tuning made with a file, the mechanic was complete overhauled with new leathers, beautiful patina, which shows the 91 years of age well. Greta original AA-bandoneon with a strong sound. It comes with a new soft-bag and a DVD with many scores and tutors for playing and learning bandoneon.

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5.800 €
Dekor: liso marron (brown)
Baujahr: 1929
Referenznummer: AA29026