Alfred Arnold bandoneon, 142 tone, 1/2 MOP decoration, brown Palisander, AA-production-number #385, AA-serialnumber #10987,  built around 1912, zinc-reed-plates, argentinian system, bisonoric, original condition (only two lyras at the edges are missing), original bellows and original buttons, this bandoneon has a stamp of Oscar Fischer, La Casa del Bandoneon, Buenos Aires and was tuned in the year 2011 by Damian Guttlein, Buenos Aires, with new lamellas. This tuning is still good conserved, the approach and sound are very good. In my opinion the mechanic should be revised in the future, but it is still very good playable now. A very rare, very old original Alfred Arnold bandoneon, with this wonderfull, typical old sound. It comes with a very good bag and many scores and tutors on a DVD.

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5.400 €
Dekor: 1/2 MOP brown
Baujahr: around 1912
Referenznummer: AA385