Alfred Arnold bandoneon, 142 tone, bisonoric, Palisander with three flowers mother of pearls decoration (tres estrellas) (1/2 MOP), AA-production-number #518, built around 1911 (estimated), AA-serial number #11388, zinc-reedplates, argentinian system (rheinisch), with a new bellows made by Harry & Riny Geuns, Belgium, original, very good conserved buttons with mother of pearls inlays, complete overhauled mechanics, new leathers,  new tuning 442 Hz (with a file) new leather lamellas, new hand-straps made of leather, an outstanding bandoneoneon, very good conserved in all aspects, very good and complete restored, with a wonderfull and powerfull sound, easy to play. It comes with a new bag with  Rucksack-function. The restoration work was done by Christoph Paas in Cologne, germany (Alma-Bandoneon). The result is amazing!

It comes with a DVD with many scores and tutors!

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8000 €
Dekor: 1/2 MOP brown
Baujahr: ca. 1911
Referenznummer: AA518