Alfred Arnold bandoneon, 142 tone, bisonoric, Palisander-wood, 1/2 mother of pearls decoration (tres estrellas), AA-production-number #2710, built around 1914 (estimated from list), zinc-reed-plates, argentinian system (rheinisch), with new bellows (Weckesser), new buttons with mother of pearls inlays, complete overhauled mechanics, new pallet gaskets, exactly set levers, new tuned to 442 Hz (with the file) with new leather lamellas, new hand-straps, a very good restored bandoneon with the full, typical sound of the 1930 tees, easy playable. Comes with a new bag with rucksack-function.

With a DVD with many scores and tutors for bandoneon.

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5800 €
Dekor: 1/2 MOP brown
Baujahr: ca. 1914
Referenznummer: AA2710