Outstanding Alfred Arnold – Doble A – bandoneon, 142 tone, Art-Deco – 3/4 mother of pearls decoration, black, AA -production – number #35696, built 1930/1931 in Carlsfeld, Saxony, Germany, AA – serial number: 18453 on the housing, bisonoric, argentinian system, totally original AA bandoneon very well preserved with an outstanding sound and mechanical action, last tuning was made by Romualdi y Fabiani in Buenos Aires, the tuning is still very good, only some minor things must be done to the tuning, but I will leave this to the new owner, because it is in such an original state. As you can hear in my video on my website, it sounds and works great in this condition. The reeds are very good, rarely tuned, maybe only two times in his life. Also the original leathers are still in great condition. The schelllack polishing is wonderful preserved with enough signs of use, but no other laquer came to this bandoneon. Comes with a new bag.

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6.950 €
Dekor: 3/4 MOP black
Baujahr: 1930/31
Referenznummer: AA35696