Alfred Arnold bandoneon, 142 tone, black (liso), Argentine (Rheinisch) system, bisonoric, zinc reed plates with very well preserved reeds, AA production number # 29851, built 1929, AA serial number on the case 15627, except for the new bellows original bandoneon in exceptionally good condition, very good originals buttons with mother-of-pearl inlays, even the leather valves are still original, mounting base and mechanics in very good condition, the tuning was newly set to 442 Hz by Luca Barrotta in Italy, very good response. All in all a bandoneon with a very powerful sound that is suitable for the stage. In this condition a great, very rare bandoneon. With a new bag and a DVD with lots of sheet music and tutors for bandoneon. The price is a net price plus statutory VAT (currently 19%) within the European Union. For sales outside the EU, the net price applies.

6.750 €
Dekor: schwarz
Baujahr: 1929
Referenznummer: AA29851