Alfred Arnold bandoneon 142 tone
AA-production number 100409,
built between 1932 and 1934 because of the prod.number,
Mariani import stamp 1939,
full mother of pearls decoration, black,
zinc reedplates,
original bellows (repaired, not 100 % airtight, but good enough for playing well),
new leather lamellas,
new tuning 442 Hz,
many new leather parts in the mechanics,
new hand straps,
this is a bandoneon, not loud, but with a nice, warm, typical AA sound.
It comes with a new bag.

price + 19% VAT inside the EU

4.200 €
Dekor: Volldekor, schwarz
Baujahr: 1932-1934
Referenznummer: AA100409