Alfred Arnold ‘Campo’ bandoneon – 3/4 Art Deco Deco, black, 142 tones, Rheinisch-Argentine system, bisonoric, with zinc reed plates, original, airtight bellows with marbled red paper, AA production number # 103812, built 1936 , original buttons in good condition, new tuning at 442 Hz, very nicely restored, polished case, nice, powerful sound, good response. Inside you can see an entry from a former owner: Raul Vallarino 1977, he was a bandoneon player in the Orquesta Tipica Nelson Alberti (Montevideo, Uruguay). Now after the restoration, this venerable bandoneon is ready to be played in an orchestra again …… It comes with a new bag and a DVD with lots of sheet music and bandoneon tutors.

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5.650 €
Dekor: 3/4 MOP schwarz
Baujahr: 1936
Referenznummer: AA103812