Alfred Arnold ‘Campo’  bandoneon, black (liso), 142 tone, built 1929, zink reed-plates, bisonoric, rheinisch (argentinian) system, with a new bellows (Rial, Buenos Aires), the buttons have been changed in Argentina some years ago and are still like new, this bandoneon was tuned new in January 2021 by Robert Wallschläger in Carlsfeld, Saxony (HZI) to 442 Hz with new leather lamellas, the mechanics were also restored there, the sound is very strong and typical. AA Campo bandoneons where built for the Uruguayan market by Alfred Arnold – they are identical to ‘normal’ AA instruments.

The bandoneon is sold with a new bag, and there are many sheet music and bandoneon tutors on a DVD.

The price is a net price plus 19% VAT when sold within the European Union. When selling to a non-EU country, the net price is the sales price.

4.950 €
Dekor: black liso
Baujahr: 1929
Referenznummer: AA29219