Alfred Arnold bandoneon, 142 tone, bisonoric, Argentine system (Rhenish), 1/2 mother of pearls decor (tres estrellas) black, zinc reedplates, AA production number 24026, year of manufacture 1925 (according to list), the bellows have already been replaced once by an airtight Weckesser bellows, original buttons with mother-of-pearl inlays, tuned in January 2024 to a’ = 442 Hz with new modern leather valves, completely overhauled and rebuilt action, overhauled mounting back, all restoration work was carried out in the workshop of Guus Stegeman in Amsterdam, great and powerful sound, with carrying bag with backpack function. A wonderful, historic and original Alfred Arnold bandoneon!¬†It comes with a DVD with lots of bandoneon sheet music and teaching materials.

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6.800 €
Dekor: 1/2 MOP black
Baujahr: 1925
Referenznummer: AA24026