Exceptional Alfred Arnold Bandoneon, 142 tone, 1/2 mother of pearl decoration, black, AA production number 33345, serial number 17657, built 1930 in Carlsfeld, Germany, zinc reedplates, bisonoric, argentine system (rheinisch), new tuned a’ = 442 Hz, completely overhauled action, new leather coverings, housing overhauled and polished with shellac, new bellows, very good preserved original buttons, new hand straps, very good sound and very good response of the notes, with new carrying bag. A very rare historical AA bandoneon in this condition and with this great sound! Comes with a DVD with lots of sheet music and tutorials for playing the bandoneon!

The price is a net price plus 19% VAT for a sale within the EU! For a sale to a non-EU country the net price applies!

7.750 €
Dekor: 1/2 MOP black
Baujahr: 1930
Referenznummer: AA33345