Doble A bandoneon Alfred Arnold, 3/4 mother-of-pearl decoration, AA production number #111441,
zinc reedplates, bisonoric – alternating tone, argentine system (rheinisch),
built 1938/39 in Carlsfeld / Saxony / Germany,
tuned to a’ = 442 Hz by Damian Guttlein, Buenos Aires, with new leather valves,
overhauled action, new bellows with red/black paper, original buttons with mother-of-pearl inlays,
great sounding historical AA bandoneon,
comes with a new bag and a DVD with lots of sheet music and tutorials for the bandoneon.

The price is a net price plus 19% VAT if sold within the EU. For sale to a non-EU country the net price is the selling price.

6.100 €
Dekor: 3/4 Deco black
Baujahr: 1938/39
Referenznummer: AA111441