Alfred Arnold bandoneon, 142 tone, Argentine (Rhenish) system, full mother-of-pearl finish, rosewood, AA production number #33, built in 1911 (the first complete production year of the AA company, so one of the first bandoneons built by Alfred Arnold), the AA has the original aluminum – reedplates (these were considered progress at that time), the original bellows with Gustav marble paper, the original buttons, new hand straps and a new tuning to 442 Hz with new leather lamellas. The work was done in the workshop of Guus Stegeman in Amsterdam. The air lever got a thumb rest made of horn. The sound is very powerful and typical, wonderfull suitable for tango. A great preserved historical Alfred Arnold bandoneon, which is very easy to play and sounds very nice. It comes with a new carrying case and a DVD with sheet music and tutorials for bandoneon.

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6.600 €
Dekor: Volldekor
Baujahr: 1911
Referenznummer: AA33