Alfred Arnold Bandoneon, Doble A, 142 tone, black (liso), AA-Prod.Nr.#103941, date of manufacture 9.7. 36, zinc reedplates with very good reeds, bisonoric, argentine system (rheinisch), original airtight bellows (Gustav Marmor paper), original buttons with mother-of-pearl inlay in very good condition, completely overhauled action with new leathers on the keys, new leathers on the soundposts and new springs, the play of the arms has been minimized, retuned to a’ = 442 Hz with new modern leather valves, new hand straps, new carrying bag with backpack function, excellent AA Bandoneon (Doble A) built in the last very good building period by Alfred Arnold (1936) with a very powerful, sonorous and wonderful sound.

6.650 €
Dekor: black liso
Baujahr: 1936
Referenznummer: AA103941