Alfred Arnold bandoneon preserved in original condition, 142 tone, bisonoric (alternating tone), argentine system (rheinisch), black without decoration (liso), zinc reedplates, AA production number #34777, AA serial number 18665, year of manufacture 1930, original restored bellows with red/gold/bronze marbled paper (Gustav marble), original buttons with mother-of-pearl inlays, tuned in October 2023 to a’ = 442 Hz with new modern leather valves, completely overhauled action with new leathers on the keys, the restoration and tuning work was done in the workshop of Robert Wallschläger, Carlsfeld, typical and powerful sound, very good response, with new carrying case with backpack function. A wonderful, historic and original Alfred Arnold bandoneon!

Included as always is a DVD with lots of bandoneon sheet music and instructional books for learning to play the bandoneon.

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6.500 €
Dekor: black (liso)
Baujahr: 1930
Referenznummer: AA34777