Alfred Arnold post-war 142 tones bandoneon, #752, black, liso, built around 1945 with zinc reedplates from older production (Dix), argentinian keyboard system, bisonoric, new bellows with red aluminium-paper, very good buttons with mother-of-pearls inlays like new, mechanic overhauled and in very good condition, new tuned to 442 Hz with new modern leather lamellas, it has a wonderful sound, no difference to pre-war bandoneons (because of the Dix-reedplates), with a good used bag or with a new bag for additional price.

It comes with a DVD with many scores and tutors for learning bandoneon.

The price is a net-price + 19% VAT inside the European Union, outside the EU the net-price appears.

4.950 €
Dekor: black (liso)
Baujahr: around 1945
Referenznummer: AA752