Arno Arnold bandoneon, 142 tones, production-number #1079, black, liso, year of manufacture 1951,

Arno Arnold was the nephew of Alfred Arnold and from 1933 the sole managing director of the Alfred Arnold company. With the emergence of the Federal Republic of Germany, Arno Arnold moved to Obertshausen near Frankfurt am Main in 1949. The company continued to produce bandoneons there until 1971,

zinc reedplates (Dix) with parallel reeds, perhaps still from Alfred Arnold’s old stocks, Argentinian (Rhenish) system, bisonoric, tuned to 442 Hz with new leather lamellas, new buttons, new bellows (Rial), completely overhauled mechanic (see the photos), comes with an still good old leatherette bag or with a new bag for an extra charge. There is also a DVD with lots of sheet music and tutors for bandoneon.

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3.950 €
Dekor: black (liso)
Baujahr: 1951
Referenznummer: Arno1079