Bandoneon Ernst Louis Arnold, ELA – 142 tone – black/brown, 1/2 MOP decoration,
rheinisch or argentinian system
Aluminium – reedplates,
ELA productionsnumber #27032
builtĀ  1928 in Carlsfeld / Saxony (stamp)
new tuned 442 Hz, new leather lamellas,
mechanic overhauled, with some new leather parts,
original, very good buttonsĀ  with MOP inlays,
original ELA bellows, airtight and easy working,
this bandoneon sounds beautifull and warm, smooth, with a good approach, the sound is compareable with Alfred Arnold bandoneon,
the bandoneon is in a good original condition, the black schelllac-laquer is worn in some places, so one can see the brown veneer.
The bandoneon has a well-preserved carrying case and a CD.ROM with many bandoneon scores and tutors to learn.
The price is a net price plus 19% VAT within the EU! When selling to non – EU – foreign countries no VAT will be charged, this must be paid upon importation into the respective country at the rate valid there!
3.700 €
Dekor: 1/2 Dekor
Baujahr: 1928
Referenznummer: ELA27032