Ernst Louis Arnold ELA ‘Cardenal’ Louis XV bandoneon,

142 tone, full mother of pearls decoration, Palisander,

ELA-production number #21993, built around 1920-25, argentinian (rheinisch) keyboard-system, bisonoric, new octave tuned 442 Hz, aluminium reed-plates, new bellows with marmorized paper, new buttons with mother of pearls inlays, overhauled mechanic, very good condition in- and outside, great sound.

Comes with new bag and a DVD with many scores and tutors.

The price is a net-price + 16% VAT inside the EU! Outside the EU the net-price appears!

4.900 €
Dekor: full MOP Palisander
Baujahr: ca.1920-1925
Referenznummer: ELA21993