Bandoneon ELA (Ernst Louis Arnold) 142 tone, Art Deco decor, black,

ELA production number #31212, stamped 8/30/29,

aluminum reedplates (made by Dix,Gera), alternating tones (bisonoric), Argentine (Rhenish) system,

reimport from Uruguay, completely overhauled in the workshop of Robert Wallschläger in Carlsfeld,

with new bellows, new buttons with mother of pearl inlay, new modern leather valves, new leather on the pallets and the main valve, cleaned and restored mechanics, tuned with a file to a’ = 442 Hz, the housing was overpainted several times, therefore the old varnish was carefully removed and it was thinly refinished with a matt black varnish, it has a very nice powerful sound, a very well restored historical ELA bandoneon, it comes with a new bag. It also comes with a DVD with lots of sheet music and instructional books for the bandoneon.

Two years warranty on all restoration work! If necessary, free finetuning within one year!


The price is a net price plus currently 19% VAT for a sale within the EU! In case of a sale to a country outside the EU, the net price is the selling price!

5.600 €
Dekor: Art-Deco, black
Baujahr: 1929
Referenznummer: ELA 31212