ELA (Ernst Louis Arnold) ‘Cardenal’ Louis XV bandoneon, Palisander, full mother of pearls decoration, 142 tone, bisonoric, ELA-production-number #21993, built ca. 1920-1925, in a well-preserved state, restored with new bellows, new buttons, new tuning (octav 442 Hz), aluminium-reed-plates,¬† argentinian (rheinisch) system, new hand-straps, wonderfull sonorous sound. The brand ELA¬† ‘Cardenal’ was ELAs answer to AAs ‘Premier’ – bandoneons. Instruments with aspecial sound very carefully produced for export to South-America. This ‘Cardenal’ is wonderfull preserved and easy to play with much fun. It comes with a new bag and a DVD with mayn scores and tutors for bandoneon.

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5100 €
Dekor: full-MOP
Baujahr: 1920-1925
Referenznummer: ELA21993