Bandoneon Ernst Birnstock 142 tone, rosewood veneer, production number #627, year of manufacture estimated ca.1900-1910 built in Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany, aluminum reedplates, alternating tones (bisonoric), argentine (rhenish) system,this bandoneon was originally a 130 tone and was extended, made ready to play and tuned in the workshop of Tis Marang, Arnhem, NL. The original bellows is still in a good condition and airtight, the original buttons with mother-of-pearl overlay are in very good condition, cleaned and restored action, retuned with file to a’ = 442 Hz, the right side of the housing was adjusted in the keyboard area to the button spacing of Alfred Arnold, it has a nice, slightly different sound than AA bandoneons, is pleasant to play and I consider it a very good bandoneon for beginners who don’t want to spend so much money on an AA bandoneon yet. It is a very good way to get started playing the bandoneon for a few years or more. It comes with a good used bag. It also comes with a DVD with lots of sheet music and tutorials for the bandoneon.

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3.300 €
Dekor: rosewood liso
Baujahr: 1900-1910
Referenznummer: B627