Very beautifully restored and great sounding rare Meinel & Herold Bandoneon, 142 tone, 3/4 mother-of-pearl and german silver decor, with zinc reed-plates, built around 1930, extensively and very carefully restored, very nice original condition with new bellows (Rial), the buttons are original Galalith buttons that have been refurbished in such a way, that they feel very pleasant, tuning 442 Hz with a file, brilliant, extraordinary sound – sharp with deepness. Overall, a professionally playable bandoneon with a certain peculiarity in sound that is very rarely heard. With a new bag and lots of sheet music and bandoneon tutors on a DVD.

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6.900 €
Dekor: 3/4 MOP black
Baujahr: ca.1930
Referenznummer: M&H3/4