Meinel & Herold bandoneon, 142 tone, Argentinian (Rhenish) system, full mother-of-pearl finish, rosewood, MH production number #25250, built ca.1927 probably by Alfred Arnold, bisonoric, argentinian system (rheinisch), zinc reedplates, new bellows with marbled paper (red), original buttons in good condition, good hand straps, new tuning 442 Hz with modern new leather lamellas. The sound is very powerful and typical, wonderfully suited for tango. A great preserved historical Meinel & Herold bandoneon, which is very easy to play and sounds very nice. It comes with a new bag and a DVD with sheet music and tutors for bandoneon.

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6400 €
Dekor: full mop Palisander
Baujahr: ca. 1927
Referenznummer: MH25250