Excellent, carefully restored Meinel & Herold ‘Tres Bb’ (BBB) bandoneon, 142 tones, alternating tones (bisonoric), Argentine system (Rhenish), black Arte Deco decor, zinc reedplates, M&H production number #3, Year of manufacture around 1930 (according to an expert), new bellows built by Harry Geuns with red marbled paper, original buttons with mother-of-pearl inlays,housing newly varnished with shellac, tuned in November 2023 to a’ = 442 Hz with new modern leather valves, completely overhauled action with new leathers on the keys, the restoration and tuning work was carried out in the workshop of Harry Geuns, Belgium, exceptional and powerful sound, very good response, with new carrying case with backpack function. Meinel & Herold bandoneons were partly produced in-house, but mainly by either Alfred Arnold or ELA for M&H – this M&H has many features of an AA bandoneon. Tres B bandoneons were made for the South American market. The famous Leopoldo Federico mostly played a M&H ‘Tres B’ bandoneon!  A wonderful, historic and original M&H ‘Tres B’ bandoneon! As always, it comes with a DVD with lots of sheet music and teaching materials for bandoneon.

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6.950 €
Dekor: Art-Deco, black
Baujahr: ca.1930
Referenznummer: MH3