I am offering only bandoneons with rheinisch (argentinian) keyboard system, mostly 142 tone, sometimes also 152 tone. My offered bandoneons are mostly reimports from South America. They have been played there for many years by tango musicians. Of course that leaves wear traces. In my opinion, these traces can certainly be seen. Therefore, I prefer to let the bandoneons outwardly not overtake. However, I also get instruments, that are externally damaged too much, but in the inner life they are still good. With such bandoneons I also have done a restauration of the housing. In principle, one can say that almost everything is repairable, only the reeds should still be well tunable.

Different tuners in Germany repair, restore and tune for me:

Christoph Paas, Köln

Harry Geuns, Belgium

Guus Stegeman, The Netherlands

Bandonion and Concertina Fabrik, Klingenthal

Tis Marang, Arnhem (NL)

Robert Wallschläger, Carlsfeld

Sometimes I also get bandoneons, that have already been restored and tuned in Argentina, Uruguay or other locations.

It is important to me, that my offered bandoneons,  are well playable and as airtight as possible.

Each bandoneon has its own story, its very special sound and its unique charisma – so it is an advantage to try the bandoneons at my home to find the right instrument. But it is also not a problem to send it to you, and if you do not like it, send it back within 14 days after receiving. You will get your money back. Only the shipping costs and the shipping (please make an insurance) are your risk.