Alfred Arnold 142 tone bandoneon (Doble A)
black liso, AA production no. 104690
completed on 9/16/1936 in Carlsfeld, Saxony, Germany
zinc reedplates, alternating tones (bisonoric), argentine system (rheinisch),
leather lamellas,
well working and airtight bellows,
new tuned to a’ = 442 Hz by Rocco Heins, Oldenburg, Germany in December 2022,
good buttons (bird’s eye) with mother-of-pearl inlays,
not too loud, but very nice sound and very good working overhauled action with new gasket leathers,
comes with a good bag. Comes as always with a DVD with lots of sheet music and instructional books for bandoneon.

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6.400 €
Dekor: black (liso)
Baujahr: 1936
Referenznummer: AA104690