Alfred Arnold Bandoneon, 142 tone, alternating tone (bisonoric), Argentinean system (Rheinisch), rosewood without decoration (liso), zinc reedplates, AA production number 1141, AA serial number 13217, year of manufacture ca.1912-1913, new bellows built by Harry Geuns with marbled paper red/brown with gold streaks, original buttons with mother of pearl inlays, new tuned to a’ = 442 Hz in August 2023 with new modern leather lamellas, overhauled action with new springs, overhauled mounting board, great and powerful sound, with new carrying bag with backpack function. A wonderful, very old, historic and original Alfred Arnold bandoneon! It also comes with a DVD with lots of sheet music and instructional books for the bandoneon.

If necessary, free finetuning within one year!

The price is a net price plus currently 19% VAT for a sale within the EU! In case of a sale to a country outside the EU, the net price is the selling price!

5.950 €
Dekor: roeswood (liso)
Baujahr: 1912/13
Referenznummer: AA1141